1 Cam Road

Project Information


1 Cam Road is one of the commercial elements in the Stratford South Central mixed development - a pioneering suite of buildings that has helped to bring life and employment to a run-down industrial site in east London. This building provides four floors of open plan office accommodation above a reception area and car parking. The façades allow simple and efficient sub-division of the floor plates yet offer good natural light and clear circulation. The exterior mixes clear glazed and obscure timber panels, offset visually by white render on the masonry.

Gross Floor Area      2,800sqm
Project Value £3.45m
Status Completed 2004

Elsley House

Project Information

Great Portland Estates

The introduction of a contemporary pavilion within the industrial setting of Elsley House’s courtyard simplified the reorganisation of internal circulation and servicing of this fine 1930’s ‘rag trade’ building. The creation of dual entrances allowed greater accessibility and more flexibility in the unit sizes. The interior was also stripped back to its essential form to create light-filled, adaptable, workspace.

Gross Floor Area     
Project Value £7.1m
Status Completed 2009

Queen Elizabeth Street

Project Information

The building provides two new floors of office accommodation for Hollybook Homes new head offices and 6 apartments within a early 20th century warehouse, a rooftop extension created a penthouse unit with exceptional views of The Shard and Tower Bridge and a side extension provides office entrance and reception spaces along with a further two residential units above.

A new basement formed beneath both the new and existing structures provides disabled car parking and further ancillary floor area for the offices above. State of the art accessible moving stair was used at the main entrance to the building to overcome accessibility issues. 

Heron Tower

Project Information

Appointed by Overbury to implement project from RIBA Stage D2 onwards

Refurbishment of three floors within the Heron Tower in the the City of London

Interior Design by Magnus + Associates


We bring our expertise in the development of learning and collaborative space making for Generations Y and Z to the creation of balanced and adaptable work environments.

We address the changing working environment and the need for many organisations to have a varied working landscape to suit the collaborator/extrovert and individual/introvert that exists, in varying degrees, within each of us.

Workplaces of the future, whether they are in new or existing structures, should be capable of adaption over time, of engendering community and not simply doing the same thing, not very well, in different arrangements.